Better not to have in this way root canal treated teeth in your mouth!

Do not allow this to happen to you, because there is way root canal treatment to be done  properly! If you can not afford microscopic treatment because of financial reasons, then is better to be without tooth than to be with infection in your mouth! These teeth on the pictures were without symptoms, and could have stayed like that much longer. But is it right? Of course it is NOT, because these teeth are potential danger for the body-focus or hotbed! Bacteria, can very easy find the way to the circulation and cause many chronic diseases. Not having any symptoms to the teeth is not guaranty that there is not infection in the canals, because the infection generally is detected with x-ray record or microscopically when the tooth is open again to be cured.

Have a look to see how teeth without symptoms microscopic looks like (root canal done  with classical method) and it will become clear for you, why classical root canal treatment is not and will never be successful!

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