Why does my tooth heart after a root canal treatment?




I know that many of you can find this not interesting, but if you spend few minutes of your time through information you will find here, it will explain you some things about endodontics.

Firstly, I must point that, it makes me feel edgy when I hear: “I had root canal therapy, so that tooth can not hurt me, must be any other”– opposite, that kind of tooth can hurt you the most if the root canal treatment is not done properly, and that is the main reason for extracting teeth.

So, that root canal treatment, is not just about one or two pokes to make dentist with the file in the canal, and for half an hour it is done! The doctor safe time and nerves, and patient is glad with such a short and unexhausted intervention.

Just because of not being enough informed, patients bear damage of this interventions. It is needed much more hours of work, that tooth to be properly healed, and with that safe for very long time.

The problem is that, improperly root canal treated tooth very often is without symptoms, couple of months or years (in that case just with record can be found infection) but after that problems happen: pains, pyesis, swelling and at the end extraction of the tooth.

Than, the question is why this is happening, doctor? My tooth was very well, for such a long time did not heart me at all. Yes, because for some time body was fighting that infectious, but now it can not fight any more and that is the problem. Not to talk about potential risk for the body – focus or hotbed, that tooth could cause. Bacteria very easily can find the way to the circulation and cause series of chronic diseases.

That is why last microscopic treatment of root canals, with the latest contemporary equipment, has very high percent of successfulness, in contrast to classic treatment which is the most often reason for extraction of teeth, and is massively used in our country because of financial reasons, which I personally do not justify. Because the results after that can be much worse then financial – the best replacement for removed tooth is implant which is much more expensive than microscopic treatment and from a health point of view- losing just one single tooth is leading to defect in teeth line.

Unless that defect is not treated (with implant or bridge) it will lead to movement of teeth, which are next to the defect, as that ones which are above (bellow) it. The teeth are moving to fill the empty space, and with that is interrupted chew, and cleaning of teeth. After that is very difficult to repair that defect. What I want so say is, modern endodontics, which is very important part of dentistry is not appreciate in our country.

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