What kind of equipment is needed for proper root canal treatment?

1. Microscope– with its help all canals can be found (single tooth can have one, two, three, four and more canals). There are canals not visible to the naked eye, and if all of them are not found, treatment won’t be successful.

2. Rubber dam – tooth which is treated is isolated with rubber dam (rubber and ring which holds the rubber to the teeth). In this way is worked in aseptically (sterile) conditions, is not allowed infiltration of bacteria from mouth into the tooth which is treated, and also keep safe the patient from swallowing small endodontic’s instruments and solutions (hipohlorid, lemon acid, alcohol) which are used for irrigation (rinsing) canals.

3. Digital apex locator– precisely assess lent of canals in every kind of conditions, including dry, wet, and canals with blood.

4. Endomotor and Ni-Ti rotary files – mechanically easy are processed long, curved and narrow canals in contrast to hand, steel files.

5. Device for activating and warming solutions on 60°C used for irrigation (rinsing) canals, with what their efficiency in destroying bacteria is even better, not just in the main canal but also in the lateral ones.

6. Device for warm gutta-percha– except main canal are also filled auxiliary lateral canals. In this way the canals are hermetically closed and impermeable for bacteria.

7. Digital x-ray device – making accurately records before beginning, during and at the end of intervention. Record is immediately available to be seen, also can be processed on computer to achieve better clarity for analyzing to the smallest detail.

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