5 reasons why to do root canal treatment microscopically

  1. Working with microscope – magnification of field of view can be set up to 25 times, with what is acquired accurately endodontic curing and detecting of all canals. There are canals not visible to the naked eye. Unless, all the canals are not located, healing won’t be successful.
  2. Work in aseptic (sterile) conditions. The tooth which is under treatment is isolated with rubber dam – in that way there is not possibility for infection of root canal system ( the tooth is not in contact with saliva, soft tissues and bacteria from the mouth), there is better visibility and clarity. Patient can freely move his tongue and swallow without disturbing dentist’s work.
  3. Accurately assess length of root canals with apex locator and mechanical processing with endomotor and flexible expanders, with which easily are processed curved and narrow canals to the tip of the canal. Also there is not danger of aspiration (swallowing) of expanders – tooth is isolated with cofferdam.
  4. Chemical process of canals – there are conditions for heavily irrigation of canals with solutions for disinfection, there is not risk of aspiration (swallowing) of liquids, as tooth is isolated with cofferdam. Solutions for irrigation previously are heated on 60°C and are activated by endoactivator or ultrasound after application in the canal, with what their efficiency in destroying bacteria is even better, not just in the main canal, but also in the laterals canals.
  5. Three dimensional filling of canals with warm gutta-percha, which is melting on 200°C and with which are filled also lateral canals. In this way the canal is hermetically closed and impermeable for bacteria.

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