1Why is microscope used?

Because microscope is able to magnify field of view up to 25 times, what enable the most accurate filling and root canal treatment, locate the canals which are not visible to the naked eye, processing narrow and impassability canals, removing broken instruments and pegs from root canals and application MTA( special cement which is used for healing of endodontic complications) in canals.

2What is rubber dam and what it is used for?

To be properly filled or cured a tooth, we need to supply dry working field.  For that reason teeth are isolated with rubber dam. Rubber dam is formed of rubber and ring which holds the rubber to the teeth.

Benefits of using rubber dam:

  • Dentist has better visibility and clarity
  • Patient can freely move his tongue without interfering with dental work
  • Teeth which are filled are not in contact with saliva, what is the only way their surface to remain dry and clean, what is pivotal for permanence of connection between teeth and filling.
  • Prevent infiltration of bacteria from mouth in the tooth which is cured
  • Protect the patient from swallowing small endodontic instruments and solutions which are used for irrigation of canals.
3What is endodontics?

Endodontics (outstandingly important part of the dentistry, in our country very often underestimated) concerned with the diseases, diagnose and treatment of the dental pulp. Dental pulp (between people incorrectly known as “nerve” of the tooth) is located inside the tooth. In the chamber of dental pulp are located nerves which give the tooth feeling for hot, cold, pain and pressure, and there are also blood vessels which nourish the teeth, lymph vessels, defensive cells and connective tissue.

4When are we in need of endodontics?

The most often sights are: pain, long-lasting sensitivity of cold or hot, sensitivity when chewing and touching, darkening of the tooth, swelling lymph glands or round the tooth. Not having pain do not mean there is not problem, in that case process in the pulp can be proved just with x-ray record.

5Why endodontic treatment has to be done?

Endodontic treatment is a dental procedure of removing dental pulp, root canals are cleaned, expanded and closed with permanent filling. We are doing that when dental pulp is inflammatory and infected, the most often because of no treated caries. If that infection is not treated, it is going to spread around next bond tissue and the tooth will be wobbly as result of destroyed bond round it. That kind of tooth is potential risk for the body- focus or hotbed. Bacteria very easily can find the way to circulation and cause many chronic diseases.

6Why my tooth has to be treated microscopically?

Because with microscopic treatment of root canals, the tooth can be rescued and saved for very long period of time ( with good oral hygiene for the whole life). There are canals not visible to the naked eye, and can be detected just with help of microscope. If all the canals are not found and processed the curing would not be successful.

7Why my tooth have to be treated again, even it is without symptoms?

Not having any symptoms do not guaranty, that canals are not infected. With classic method is worked in septic (unsterile) conditions, because is not used rubber dam, then is worked without equipments with which canals should be processed (cleaned)  to the end, and to be expanded enough to make conditions for heavily irrigation with solutions for disinfection. The problem is that process (infection) in the most cases is found just with x-ray record, but almost always it is made in the last moment when tooth is starting to heart. In that case is better for you not to have that tooth in your mouth.      

8Why to pay that much many for microscopic treatment?

Because if you do not treat your tooth microscopically you will lose it, and the amount of money you will spend for microscopic treatment is the same amount you will spend for making bridge at the place where your tooth is missed. But the difference is for the bridge you should sacrifice two healthy teeth. The best replace for lost tooth is implant, for which you should pay 3-4 times more, than you should pay for microscopic treatment.

9Why to pay that much many for “Injection Molding” method for filling?

Because with “Injection Molding” method you have got qualitative filling, which you would not have to exchange every year or every second year as result of getting colored or fallen.  At the end when you calculate, you will realize that you will spend much more money for classic method, and with every exchanging of filling the tooth is drilled and is getting weaker.

10Why fillings may fall out, and chance the color?

Reason for falling out of the filling is not use of the rubber dam – working field should be clean and dry, not in contact with the saliva. Dental plaque (biofilm) is not removed, and that is same as you glue something to unclean surface. If filling is discolored, that means there is not removed biofilm (under the filling, there are bacteria, which are the most often reason for caries).

11Why my teeth under fillings are getting spoiled?

One of the most often reason for caries under the filling is incorrect contact with the next tooth (when anatomic matrices are not used), there very easily can remain remains of food, which is very difficult to be removed. Otherwise when Bioclear anatomic matrices are used that is not happening, because is obtained right contact with the next tooth.