Microscopic Interventions

Healthy teeth for а whole life – microscopic dentistry

Our general principle is accuracy, that’s why we are doing dental interventions with assist of dental microscope. Working under microscope is compulsory because without it there is not visibility for accurate diagnose, restoration and for precision endodontic interventions, which as much as possible increase chances for saving the teeth.

Also, our office dispose with digital x-ray device, which enable making accurate records before the beginning, during and at the end of the intervention. Thanks to new digital technology, we are now able to take x-ray records with up to 80% less radiation than from older conventional equipment.  Record is instantly available to be seen, and can be finish processed on the computer for better clarity for analyzing to the smallest detail.

We use the latest contemporary equipment and materials from leading world known companies,  methods of endodontic treatment and filling we offer are the very latest achievements in dentistry and they are with proved efficiency .

Investment in your own teeth, means investment in your entirely welfare. Nothing can replace your natural tooth, that’s why is important to do everything possible to keep it safe and make it as long as possible in good health.