Removal of broken instruments

Reason for breaking of endodontics instruments is inappropriate, aggressive and multiple use of one instrument in more canals. Broken instrument have to be removed, so the root canal treatment can be done properly, otherwise tooth have to be extracted because root canal treatment would not be successful.   

1. Before starting with the treatment, on the record is clearly visible result of classical treatment on root canals: broken endodontic instrument in one of the three canals, insufficiently expanded and not filled canals to the end of the root ( filling in the canals is visible on the records with white color).

2. Endodontic instrument is removed with assisting of microscope and ultrasound.

3. On the record is clearly visible that endodontic instrument is successfully removed from the canal.

4. After microscopic treatment the canals are expanded and filled three dimensional with warm gutta-percha to the end of the root.