Aesthetic restoration

Injection Molding is the latest contemporary method for microscopic esthetic filling with Bioclear anatomic matrices by Dr. David Clark.

Procedure of “Injection Molding” method

1. Before start of treatment and isolation of teeth with rubber dam.

2. Teeth are isolated with rubber dam, and biofilm (dental plaque) which is formed on the teeth with accumulation of bacteria is removed. It is not visible to the naked eye and to be found we put on teeth some liquid – plaque indicator , which show us exactly where is it located.

3. The best way to remove biofilm is with sandblasting by using Aluminium Trihydroxide. Otherwise, if dental plaque is not removed, the filling won’t be successful– it will separate from the tooth and become colored ( that is the same as something is glued to unclean surface)

4. After removing of the biofilm, teeth are ready for filling.

5. Anatomic matrices are put on to achieve right contact with next teeth ( when you clean your teeth with floss and it is getting stuck and is tearing between your teeth that means the contact is not good. There can be retained food remains, which is difficult to be cleaned, and that is one of the common reasons for obtaining caries under fillings.

6. After matrices are adapted, nanocomposite heated on 60°C is injected into them in one layer, instead layer after layer, to prevent forming cavities in the filling and to help making firm and quality filling.

7. Afterwards, matrices and excess filling are removed and is formed final look of the teeth.

8. At the end fillings are polished to high shine, to prevent deposition of plaque and changing of color of filling. Gum is a little bloody and damaged because of the work what is normal.

9. Check up two weeks after treatment. Gum is recovered.